People hate being broke, living paycheck to paycheck. 
So I created a brand new step by step system to earn the average person thousands of dollars. 

“Once in a while something comes a long that changes your life forever. I know this because your program has gotten me the financial freedom I’ve been searching for for years. I’m not the best with a computer and The best part is that about 95% of it was already set up and ready to start earning once I got in. Thank you again. ”

“Hey, I’m recording this because your system is a breath of fresh air from all the junk systems and so called gurus that are out there. I was new to internet marketing so once I joined your system I had a few questions and you guys answered them right away and helped me make my first $100 that turned into my first $1000 and now after about 6 months I’m at $8000 per month using your program, thank you so much!”

“Yes! I’m not broke anymore. What a great feeling that is, I can’t even explain it. I loved how you guys didn’t promise some get rich with millions overnight crap but instead you have an actual, real deal a step by step system that I followed to organically go from making zero on the internet to now over 15k per month. Shoot, if I can do it, freakin anyone can.”
Hey there and welcome to my page. I’m glad you found me. I want you to stop whatever you’re doing and listen up closely to what I have to show you for the next 10 minutes. 
If you don’t have ten minutes and don’t want to learn how to earn enough money to change your life forever then please don’t waste your time or my time, and leave this page now. Otherwise stay, listen up and pay attention. 

Here’s the agenda for the next 10 minutes: I'm taking on 28 people per day over a 25 day period, and today might be the final day. That’s 700 people in total, all being guided by the hand, on exactly how to start making 2k, 5k, 10k, even 15k per month on autopilot. . This video is staying up for those 25 days and today might be the final day. There are 28 spaces open today, so please listen very carefully while I explain what you need to do.

First, let me recap: a little while back my first group of 28 people took action and joined my program. They got off their booties, created an account, and followed my step by step system. 28 people. And if you take a look at this, every single one of them has started making money since joining me. (show earnings screenshots folder, kinda fade each in and stack them in the shot) Some more then others. These earnings flashing across your screen represent an average student income, in their first weeks of using my system of $2,168. That's right, every single person of the 28 people who joined all made money, no exceptions. That's at least $500 already in their checking account since yesterday. This could easily be you, putting you on a fast-track runway to make at least $137,000 this year. All done by my brand new money earning program. 
And if you think this is just another sales pitch, then you’d be correct. You see I know I’ll fill my 28 spots today, I just needed this video to get the word out. My name is Jonathan Miller and I've been making money online for over 15 years, I’ve personally made over 10 million dollars with systems exactly like this one. But today, is not about me, it’s about you. My students are most likely no different then you and by the way, they’ve combined to make way more than the 10 million dollars I’ve made. How would you like to be a part of that group? Well you can and you will very shortly.

My checking account this morning looks like this (insert screen shot).That's over 2.6 million dollars that I don't even really need because My houses are paid for, my cars are paid for, my kids colleges are paid for and my family is set for life. But prior to my success I was exactly where you are now. 15 years ago I sat around listening to sales pitch after sales pitch trying to find the Holy Grail of online super riches. And just like you, I've been there before, frustrated, depressed, annoyed, and angry . Because of that, I know EXACTLY what you need to do next.
First things first. Please do us both a favor and Stop trying to find the ridiculous millions, get rich quick overnight schemes. Instead, ask yourself this: would I be happy with an extra 200 dollars per day, how about 500 dollars, or $1000 per day or how about 2000 extra dollars per day.. If you seriously can answer yes to any of those amounts then you’ve just stumbled into the Promised Land because I'm about to show you how to make this kind of cash before you finishing brewing your next cup of coffee. I’m deadly serious. In fact you’ll find out soon that not only can you earn that kind of money but my team is going to take care of the hardest parts for you. 
Second thing. For the next few minutes, Keep listening closely to this first ever money making opportunity that has been sitting right under your nose this entire time. In a few moments you’ll discover exactly how you can claim one of the 28 daily spots to cash in on this amazing opportunity. 
Now I need to explain why I’m giving this to you, today. Like I said My houses are paid for, my cars are paid for, my kids colleges are paid for and my family is set for life. So why do I want to help you? Here's why: I was absolutely devastated to find out a childhood friend of mine had been suckered into a guru scam only a few months back. I heard he was down on his luck after a recent divorce. He heard about my success and saw it all over social media so he figured he could do it too. To make a long story short he purchased some get rich quick scheme and was left with his bank account negative seventeen thousand dollars. One day He reached out to me personally and sent me the screenshot of his negative bank account. I'm not going to say his name for privacy reasons but until then I had not spoken to him in over ten years. He heard that I'd become a multi millionaire using the Internet and I suppose he wanted to follow in my footsteps. Although we had not spoken in ten years I still considered him one of my best friends ever. 
What can I say? I was caught up in my lavish lifestyle. I was always on vacation across the world and I'd forgotten about the ones I truly care about. I looked at myself in the mirror that day and told myself it was time for me to start making a change. It was time I took the initiative to buckle down and develop a proprietary system of exactly what my friend, you, or anyone needs to do to start earning real money over and over, day in and day out on the internet. My hope was get as many people as I could to stop buying the scam products out there and put out a real money making program that you deserve. 
After four months of spending a ton of money on programmers and building my proprietary system I was finally complete. I gave my friend access to the system and I told him to message me if he needed any help. He didn't know what to say. After all that debt he racked up He could only muster up tears of happiness for this favor I had done for him. About a month went by and he called me. He was blown away with what the system had made him: over two thousand dollars in his first 30 days. He offered to send the money to me and I told him no. I explained to him that the way my system works is when he makes money it makes me money. He was absolutely stunned. He again was left literally speechless. I knew right then and there from seeing his emotions that I couldn't stop with just him. That's why for 25 days I’m inviting you and 699 others to join this same money earning program that my friend used to make his first 2000 dollars in 30 days. That’s 700 people total. I know you're struggling to break out of the guru scams. I know you're looking for a real way to make money online. Just like my friend, you need help and guidance so Let me be the one to help you.
Here check out some of my students recent incoming wires from using this system (insert sn1, sn2, sn3, sn4, sn5). I want these to be yours by the end of the year. 
Notice the dates these transactions, these are all recent, current numbers. All my money, my friends money, my 700 total students over the next 25 days money, and your future money is made with the proprietary system that I created and named 700 Profit Club. 
Testimonial A (these are voices, just put the subtitiles with a face)
“Hi Jon from 700 profit club. First, thank you! For about 3 years now I’ve jumped around the internet trying to figure out how to make money in my pajamas. I see So many others doing it I figured I could too. Well i never made a single penny unitl I became a student in 700 profit club about 2 weeks ago. It only took 15 to 20 minutes of my time to setup, but most importantly, I wanted these numbers to do the talking. So, today I actually got paid $1,200.. And two days ago, I got $869 and the day before that I made 928 dollars. I mean seriously let that sink in for a minute. That's a total of okay, I can't really add that up on the top of my head. Although, it's somewhere near 3,000 dollars in just few days. It used to take me a month to make that in some crappy cubicle working 8 hours a day. I can’t tell you how amazing this feels and I really needed this. It's changing my life day by day. Thanks and keep on rocking! “
Testimonial B
“Hey! I had to send this in. 700 profit club has changed my freakin life. I earn hundreds every single day. I actually finally understand how everyone else makes money online. I’ve even helped some of my family start to earn online too using this program. Thanks again and whoever is watching this, you need to join 700 profit club, it’s the real deal! byeeee”
The very first thing these people did, and, you will do in 700 profit club is get your own domain. Don’t worry, we even choose good names for you if you can’t decide. This is the very start of your very own new money making program. Anyone who makes money online has a domain name. The big time earners have many multiple domain names but for now we are going to start you with one. 
This domain will be used for your proprietary webpage design that we just now built for you. We build new, high converting webpage designs for each of the 28 daily 700 profit club members. This is a totally brand-new, totally automated way to make money online, even if you have zero skills and have never made 1 cent online before today.
In fact, if you've never made a single cent online that's even better, because the money you’re about to start making daily is going to taste so much sweeter for it.
700 Profit Club now accounts for over 90% of all my Internet traffic and my earnings online. All you need to do is create your account, follow a few simple steps and start making your life changing money forever. Remember, my team is taking care of the hardest parts for you. 
In a very short time, Steven from the UK made $1,067, Joey from Louisiana made $2,967. Susan from Australia, made a staggering $7,956. Hydie in North Carolina made $2,814.(My students pictures please and just put the total under their picture) All by activating their very own domain and starting the 700 profit club system. 
(Screen stagger)
So let's get started my friend. I'll walk you through the process now and in just a few minutes you’ll be able to complete it yourself. **use the video I sent you**
Step 1: select your domain name.. This is important because without it ,I can't attach your personal money making webpage. So first things first is select your domain name. I've even had them plug in my own software to pre-select some high-earning domains just for you. You can see a selection of these premium domains here.(show domains) In a few moments you’ll Just select one of these and get started. 
Then, once you have your domain, you'll go through to this page where you put in your email to attach the domain to your account. Then finally you buy your 700 profit club system package. Today you get a special bonus of 3 months instead of one. 
Fill in your details and credit card information. Then click the Continue button to secure your domain and secure one of the 28 spots today. You now have complete private access to your very own 700 Profit club money making system.
That's it! Now it’s Time for you to activate, your, cash flow!
So now you know what to do, get started with the “Select your domain name today” Button below. (make buy button activate now)These simple steps are going to change your life forever. You'll have your own money-making site just like mine earning thousands each and every month on complete auto-pilot, and you'll join the other 699 successful people who followed my instructions and are taking action. People now earning money every day on complete autopilot.
You'll have no need for a job and no stress paying the bills. Finally, the ability to enjoy life without any financial pressure.
I know you don't have time to waste. I understand how you need to be up and running making money soon. That's why you need to take action right now by clicking “Select your domain name today” button below. select your domain name, attach it with your email and then fill out the three month bonus package, and start making at least 200 to 2 thousand dollars per day. You only have a few minutes to secure your place. If you wait around and don't follow the steps now you'll probably miss this opportunity and hate yourself forever.
You have a chance to change your financial situation here. I'm giving you a fool-proof money maker, and I’ve done all of the hard work for you, you just follow the steps inside and start collecting!  
Okay , so you haven’t clicked the button below yet..are you not ready to start making money now? All you need to do is follow those steps I showed you moments ago. Get started by clicking the "Select your domain name today" button below and get in! 
Me and my team are waiting to get started on your site. If you leave this page without picking your domain and securing your spot, I can't promise you that this opportunity will still be here tomorrow. If you're serious about making money online, then you’re in the right place. 
Remember, We have already done almost all the work necessary to get you earning right away. You keep all the money made. And I get my cut on top. Think about it, what downside is there for you with this amazing deal? I'm taking all the risk. You just need to do the first step and select your domain name and get your hosting account like I showed you a few moments back.
And remember, I'm also willing to fully cover your costs if this isn't successful. You win either way. Get started by clicking the "Select your domain name today" button below. I'll see you inside. 

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